What is the Friendzone?

It’s an area where everybody has been there. Everybody wants to go out and nobody ever has to know that you have been there. Never.
Friendzone means –if it’s necessary to be explained with imagenes chistosas– when your friend is not interested at all in getting involved into a relationship with you. But rather, she/he prefers to have you as a little sister/brother.
Imagine being two years dating a girl, she is nice to you (Better known as “You hearing all her dramas and stories”) and when you declare your amorous intentions with her, you receive an answer like “I love you so much, but, as friend”.
You must feel like a Teddy Bear or something. Even worst, as a friend with a car and big shirts to wear when it’s cold.
The same case applies to women, of course, although less common. Why? Because the primitive nature of the men makes them think the 95 % of the time with something else than brain.
Some facts about the friendzone.

  1. Only 3% of it get out, the remaining 97 % or have not achieved or simply surrendered. (Or committed suicide)
  2. The 3% that achieve is very unknown área of study. They never get back to social life.
  3. If you have more than 30 minutes watching a movie with here at home and you both still having clothes on, we have a FriendZone situation. If this statistic is extended to the end of the movie, you may think about suicide. Or buy an Audi R8 to your friend. Mighty to works, you only need 500.000$).
  4. The last fact was a joke like imagenes graciosas every day. What is going to happen is the following:
  5. “Thanks Little rich brother, I love you. Right now I’m going to see my boyfriend driving the Audi, Xoxo”

How to know if you are in love

There are many variations of romantic love so how do you find out if you are in love? This is a question that can be answered with a few insights into how you feel personally about another person with imagenes de amor. You can interpret whether or not love is what you are feeling by looking at some of the components of the relationship with another person.

You feel comfortable around the person. This is a great sign of loving someone when you can feel open and sure to do anything and everything when they are around. If they accept your behavior whether it be serious or silly, then it can certainly be love.

They feel like your best friend. You want to do everything with this person and feel like you can take on anything. You share similar goals and enjoy the company of each other during activities. You both have an attraction to each other that is not purely physical. Helping the other person through their hardships becomes a priority regardless of the circumstances in your life just with fotos de amor and so much love.

Many people can be in a relationship and find love later on with their partner that they are truly in love. Being in love does not have to be overly complicated. Love does not come strictly with a manual on how it should be done. Taking on love takes patience and plenty of effort. You can usually tell if you are in love when you take the time to think about what love means to you and how you apply it in the relationship with the other person involved.

Herpes Eye Infection

The herpes simples virus can cause an eye infection. This can cause a scarring of the cornea which can then lead to vision loss. Treatment with antiviral eyedrops will prevent cornea damage.

The herpes virus responsible for eye infections is Type 1 herpes simplex. The virus has a tendency to stay dormant for many years. If you do get an eye infection due to herpes, this is when it is active. There is a good chance it will become dormant.

A herpes eye infection should be treated as soon as possible to prevent further cornea damage and/or vision loss.

Lipozene Reviews Plus Actual Ingredients

With so many weight loss products on the internet, it is difficult to determine which products actually work. We have become a society obsessed with gimmicks and the next hot diet fad. For people that are really desperate to lose weight, it doesn’t help to shift through all of the madness that is out there. I found that some Lipozene reviews are actually genuine while others not so much. My advice is not to pay so much attention to the reviews out there. The truth is that you may actually have to do your own research in order to find out if something is actually worth purchasing.

For any diet pill to be effective, you actually have to find out what the ingredients are. Let’s get into exactly what Lipozene contains shall we. The main ingredient in Lipozene is Glucomannan. Glucomannan is nothing more than a vegetable fiber. When you ingest the diet pill with eight ounces of water as suggested, the fiber will cause a good portion of your stomach to swell up creating the illusion that you are indeed full. If you feel full, then obviously you are supposed to eat less. Obviously, if you do not feel full then you will eat less. If you eat less, then you consume less calories and as a result you will drop the pounds.

Some people have problems ingesting fiber alone in this manner. People have reported diarrhea, feeling bloated, and stomach issues. Taking fiber alone in order to lose weight is questionable. There have been no conclusive studies that taking fiber alone will help you to lose weight. Fiber is indigestible by the body and passes through the intestines without being changed. Since fiber absorbs water, it slows down the digestion process so you feel full longer. This is good if you have problems with binge eating. However, you really should stick with the daily recommended amounts of fiber. Ingesting too much can cause mineral deficiencies and digestive issues. If you ingest a lot of fiber too quickly and do not get enough water, constipation will result.

Be careful about the reviews you see on TV as these people could be getting paid to leave positive reviews. The reviews are very mixed with Lipozene so do proceed with caution.