How to outsource amazing whiteboard animation videos

If you’re considering outsourcing a promotional doodle video to help your business then keep reading because this article covers the top questions that you need to understand the ways to maximise the results you get.

  1. Videos are the clear choice for marketing

Did you know that 85% of online users regularly videos. The average length of a video is around six minutes long. The fact that this is the average length of a video shows that people are far more willing to wait through a long video as opposed to reading long articles. Proof of this can be found in the fact that only 3% of all the time that was spent looking at videos was spent watching the video advertisements.


As a standard video can be less effective than how much more effective can an animated whiteboard video be did you know that doodle videos which are also known as whiteboard animations can double the average viewing time of any standard video.

How does this work?

The answer is quite simple. A whiteboard animation incorporates fast movement of the hand drawing on her video screen mesmerises the viewer and keeps them engaged while at the same time they are captivated by the voice-over from the video.

Ultimately they are significantly more likely to see a video through to the end and then give your company a call.

Even though the video scribing animations can massively boost conversion rates they are still relatively new in the online world with over 92% of businesses not yet aware of it. This means you can generate a huge advantage over your competitors. Have a look at

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