What is the Friendzone?

It’s an area where everybody has been there. Everybody wants to go out and nobody ever has to know that you have been there. Never.
Friendzone means –if it’s necessary to be explained with imagenes chistosas– when your friend is not interested at all in getting involved into a relationship with you. But rather, she/he prefers to have you as a little sister/brother.
Imagine being two years dating a girl, she is nice to you (Better known as “You hearing all her dramas and stories”) and when you declare your amorous intentions with her, you receive an answer like “I love you so much, but, as friend”.
You must feel like a Teddy Bear or something. Even worst, as a friend with a car and big shirts to wear when it’s cold.
The same case applies to women, of course, although less common. Why? Because the primitive nature of the men makes them think the 95 % of the time with something else than brain.
Some facts about the friendzone.

  1. Only 3% of it get out, the remaining 97 % or have not achieved or simply surrendered. (Or committed suicide)
  2. The 3% that achieve is very unknown área of study. They never get back to social life.
  3. If you have more than 30 minutes watching a movie with here at home and you both still having clothes on, we have a FriendZone situation. If this statistic is extended to the end of the movie, you may think about suicide. Or buy an Audi R8 to your friend. Mighty to works, you only need 500.000$).
  4. The last fact was a joke like imagenes graciosas every day. What is going to happen is the following:
  5. “Thanks Little rich brother, I love you. Right now I’m going to see my boyfriend driving the Audi, Xoxo”
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